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The Ride Sharing App uses the ferry as a “central station” for scheduling ride sharing to the mainland, and back to the island. It is also useful for sharing rides on trips across the island.


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  • A Ride Board displaying current ride offers and requests.
  • Ability to schedule rides by ferry sailing is a key feature for islanders.
  • Ride sharing on island or mainland without a ferry trip is also supported.
  • Live ferry information including % loading and real sailing times – good for checking overloading and on time performance
  • Easy posting of new offers and ride requests
  • Immediate notice via email to driver and rider who want to share
  • A map displaying live ferry and bus locations and active ride destinations
  • Bus schedules
  • Car2go sharing

You Can Help

This is the first version of our web app. It may still have some kinks in it so if you have any problems or have suggestions for improvements, please email us at [email protected]