About Us

“I remember when you walked  down a road on Bowen and the first passing car stopped to offer you a ride”  – Rosemary Knight


Make it easier for Bowen Islanders to just start giving rides to each other again.

  • on the ferry
  • to and from our neighbourhoods
  • around the island
  • to and from the mainland


  • To maintain and enhance Bowen’s culture of lift sharing
  • To enable people to get lifts anywhere on the island
  • To have LIFTs and hitching be friendly, reliable, everyday community transportation on Bowen.
  • To reduce car use &  encourage islanders to leave their cars at home at least sometimes
  • To help reduce  the carbon footprint of Bowen Islanders and the island as a whole
  • To make preparations in our community for the impacts of Peak Oil (increased costs of energy and petroleum-based products)
  • To help build a caring, cohesive community where people work to know and help each other
  • To increase safety for cyclists and road-side pedestrians by reducing the number of vehicles on Bowen’s roads
  • To enhance Bowen’s rural feel by reducing overall road noise

Target Participants

  • Commuters using the ferry
  • Islanders and visitors wanting to get around on Bowen

Bowen LIFT Crew

Robert Ballantyne
Fitch Cady
Peter Frinton
Will Husby
Rosemary Knight
JE Saxton
Ron Woodall

Website Development: Leanne Romak

Coordinator: DG Blair

Marketing Support: Gil Yaron