Proposed Roadside LIFT STOPS on Bowen

Bowen Island LIFT Stop

Concept design for Bowen Island roadside LIFT Stops

Liftplaats - in Holland

Prins Bernhardplein liftplaats - in Holland

This fall Bowen LIFT will be approaching Municipal Council to have signed roadside pullouts at safe strategic places around the island for picking up hitchhikers.    This would be in addition to traditional thumbing.

In photo at left an Amsterdam roadside Lift Stop – called  LIFTPLAATS - “Lift Places” – for hitching in Holland.



Closer to home Pender Island has a group called Moving Around Pender (MAP) that describes itself as an Alternative Transportation Society.

Barry Mathias at a Pender Island CAR STOP

Barry Mathias at a Pender Island CAR STOP

A MAP project, organized by Barry Mathias, created 30 Car Stops on Pender Island.

For More Click >> CASUAL CARPOOLING: A BACKGROUND GUIDE – the 2008 study from the U of Victoria Environmental Law Centre Clinic for the Pender Car Stop Project  with great research on hitching, the law etc.

Bowen Island's Don Marshall using a Pender Island CAR STOP

Bowen Island's Don Marshall at a Pender Island CAR STOP